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Community Engagement

We are SC Project RISHI: a community of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and like-minded individuals. But, most importantly, we are a community that doubles as a home and as a family for many South Asians on campus.


After our restructure in Fall 2021, we pieced together Community Engagement (CE), a branch of our organization primarily focusing on uniquely crafting and maintaining this community of South Asian students at USC. In Fall 2021, we introduced Internal Development, Local Involvement, and Marketing groups within CE that were all individually led by the directors. Since then, we have restructured this branch every year to increase productivity and introduce leadership opportunities within the organization. In Fall 2022, we onboarded a marketing team and a set of rotational groups, which allowed members to focus on Member Engagement & Volunteering (MEV), Campus Involvement & Fundraising (CIF), and Professional Events & Recruiting (PER) as well as engage in multiple aspects of CE. However, the unclear division of workload between members of the rotational groups diminished the productivity in the branch. To combat this issue, in Fall 2023, we have onboarded four directors, overseeing RISHI's internal development, external development, public relations, and DEI policies. Under each director, we have built a structure for two to three areas of focus and two to three chairs in each focus. With designated positions as CE chairs, each member of CE, now, has a role and a set of responsibilities to fulfill; we believe this will increase our productivity and set us back on the right track to creating and maintaining a community of South Asian students at USC.


Learn more about our current teams below, and be sure to visit our Media Archive page for more information on successful events that CE has held since our restructure.

Internal Dev
External Dev

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