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Combating Iron Deficiency

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Ideated by Arushi Agarwal, Vishaal Jagannadhan, Sachin Narayan, Nikhilesh Kumar & Khounish Sharma

When speaking with a local medical student and paramedic during our summer trip, we learned that iron-deficiency and anemia are rampant in the region. To combat this, we hope to introduce the Lucky Shakti Leaf to every family in the village. Engineered by the company Lucky Iron Fish, a Lucky Shakti Leaf is a specially designed iron ingot that releases 6-8 mg of iron into one’s cooking. One Lucky Shakti Leaf provides a single family with sufficient iron intake for five years. Providing each family with this item would seamlessly integrate iron into their daily cooking and assist them in overcoming their anemia. Furthermore, we hope to present some iron-rich dietary suggestions (in the form of meals, iron-rich plants, etc.) to the heads of the GRC to ideally introduce to the villagers as well.

The Lucky Shakti Leaves will be distributed to 10-15 families known to have one or more anemic family members. Originally prior to the Spring trip, Ekal has collected blood samples from 55 individuals for iron testing. From this data, we are planning to have around 25 individuals/families be chosen to discuss the program through Ekal. For those selected, further blood tests will be run for the rest of their family members to provide a comparison for the primary participant and to track familial usage. In order to instruct the participants about the product, a live demonstration of its usage and a general informational session on anemia will be hosted. We are also considering methods to increase participation, including weekly check-ins or small incentives for consistent usage of the Shakti Leaves.

Additionally, changes in the village’s current diet can affect long-term iron levels and overall health. For example, soybeans are known to be high in iron. We plan to gain a better understanding of the agricultural environment in the village to eventually introduce sustainable high iron crops to the village diet.

SC Project RISHI wishes to thank all of its donors for providing the funds to purchase Lucky Shakti Leaves for the villagers in Jamid.

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