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Vocational Skills (2)

What is the purpose of this project?

In the vocational skills initiative, we are working to address a societal lack of vocational skills taught in the greater Hyderabad region and promote career readiness. We hope that the results of our initiative encompass heightened student success rates and future employment rates.

What are our top three goals for this spring semester?

1. Enhance Skill Proficiency: We hope to develop and refine engaging workshop content that effectively improves participants' résumé writing, interview preparation, and public speaking skills, enabling them to excel in future professional endeavors.

2. Expand Outreach: We will strengthen partnerships with schools in India and potentially explore opportunities to collaborate with local organizations, broadening the reach of our workshops and positively impacting a wider audience.

3. Measurable Impact: We will implement methods to track participants' progress and gather feedback to measure the impact of our workshops, ensuring that the skills learned lead to tangible improvements in their confidence and success during job searches and public speaking engagements.

member spotlights


Sumeet Kapoor


Veda Bansal

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Semester Joined: Fall 2022

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?

I want to contact more schools for vocational programs and get in touch with organizations to collaborate on curriculum.


Samay Boorgu


Sahithi Lingampalli

Major: Computer Science and Business Administration
Hometown: Fremont, CA
Semester Joined: Spring 2023

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I want to help contact more schools so that we can finalize a school that we can work with.

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