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SC Project RISHI

A student-run nonprofit at the University of Southern California.

We build sustainable solutions and creatively innovate for the under-resourced communities in India.

so here's how we work

Step 1: Identify a topic

A group of 4-6 individuals with diverse skillsets unite around an issue they're passionate about. Through brainstorming, communication with on-the-ground nonprofits, and a needs assessment, they then select a target region.


Step 2: Build a network

Each team gathers primary data from local stakeholders and builds relationships with professional, nonprofit, and government contacts in the selected region. The team communicates with their network throughout the semester to ensure the idea is feasible.


Step 3: Implement the solution

Each team presents their idea to an audience of stakeholders, donors, and potential nonprofits. If all is well, the team leverages the strengths of on-the-ground partners to implement the project as well as continuing to develop its plans for long-term sustainability.


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