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External Dev (2)

What is the purpose of this branch?

In the External Development branch, we work to engage a community of South Asian students at USC through professional development and cultural events. We also collaborate with the Internal Development branch in developing funding ideas to support member-specific workshops and activities throughout the academic year.


What are our top three goals for this spring semester?

1. We will support a more inclusive SC Project RISHI through different cultural events, professional events, and fundraisers that opens doors for new possibilities

2. We will collaborate with CE directors and chairs alike to create fresh and exciting events for the entire USC community.

3. We will promote collaboration across all South Asian RSOs to grow our community even more.

member spotlights

- cultural events -


Sridhar Adusumilli


Roma Gandhi

Position: Cultural Events Chair
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Data Science
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Semester Joined: Fall 2022

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I hope to diversify the South Asian holidays recognized within RISHI and organize more frequent cultural events for the USC community!

- professional events -


Charmi Patel

Position: Professional Events Chair
Major: Biochemistry and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Semester Joined: Spring 2021

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I’d love to incorporate a public speaking seminar for our RISHI members!

- fundraising -


Sri Doupaty


Alysha Kanjiyani

Position: Fundraising Chair
Major: Computer Science and Business Administration
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Semester Joined: Spring 2023

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I want to bring the South Asian community on campus together through creative fundraising campaigns!

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