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What is the purpose of this branch?

In the Public Relations branch, we work to establish a media presence for SC Project RISHI through social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn; we also share our work through an organizational website. In order to amplify voices and build a South Asian community at USC, we present the RISHI x Ek Tara Pen-Pal Initiative with 7th and 8th grade students in India.


What are our top three goals for this spring semester?

1. We will create a safe space for the diverse stories of South Asian students at USC to be heard. The RISHI x Ek Tara Pen-Pal Initiative will be a platform for RISHI members to share these stories with children in India.

2. We will spotlight the work of members within Project RISHI through Monday Member Spotlights on Instagram. It is the work of these members and our directors alike that allows us to find success in initiatives throughout the year.

3. We will introduce Thursday Takeovers on our Instagram, hyping up meeting day and re-creating our community and our family within Project RISHI.

member spotlights

- marketing -


Reeyan Bhakat


Navya Shah

Position: Marketing Chair
Economics and Data Science
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Semester Joined: Spring 2022

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I would love for people to know about the real community of RISHI and get involved whether or not they’re a part of the club!

- narrative media -


Ishu Agrawal

Position: Narrative Media Chair
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Semester Joined: Spring 2022

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I want to spotlight RISHI's contributions to the LA community and share RISHI's various cultural experiences.


Simran Goel

Position: Narrative Media Chair
Major: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Minor: Healthcare Studies
Hometown: Syosset, NY
Semester Joined: Fall 2022

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I want to create really creative and heartwarming narrative media that can help recruit more new members!!


Aadhya Sivakumar

Position: Narrative Media Chair
Major: Public Relations & Psychology
Minor: Designing for Multimedia Experiences
Hometown: New Delhi and New Zealand
Semester Joined: Spring 2023

What is your primary goal in RISHI this year?
I hope to hone in on a narrative voice for RISHI and make content that truly connects with our audience(s)!

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